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Tooling and Machining Services

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    The Environment has been designed specifically for high precision tool and die machining. Our shop in San, Dimas, CA is                equipped with the latest technology which provides high precision tools, micro machining,
and custom injection molding components.

Material & Steels:

Tool steels on hand for immediate machining up to 2 thick.

A-2 (58-60 RC)  

D-2 (60-62 RC)   

420 SS (50-52 RC)   

H-13 Supreme (50-52 RC) 

S-7 (54-56 RC)


A&H Wire EDM., Inc. is a high tech CNC EDM facility with complete CAD/CAM Capabilites. The EDM facility has been designed specfically for electrical discharge machining. It is equiped with the latest machine tools to supply the customer with the most accurate components and features.

We provide small mold inserts and punch inserts machined to print and model per customer. Along with components, A&H machines on customers to high precision tolerances of +/-.0001".

Our Capabilites:

-Wire EDM (0.003" to 0.013")

-CNC Sinker EDM

-High Speed/Hard Milling

-CMM Inspection

-Mold Components

-Tool and Die




Wire EDM

Precision tapers up to 30 degrees, wire diameter .002" to .013", fine finish down to .1 micro meter, tall work piece up to 16.5".

Small Hole EDM

Burr free precision holes, .007" diameter to .125", automatic tool changing, hole depths up to 125 times the diameter.

CNC Sinker EDM

Full CNC Capability, tool changing (system 3r), c-axis, fine finish down to 4 rmax, accuracy of +/-.0001"

High Speed /Hard Milling/ Graphite Milling

Rigid tool/die machining centers producing polish free surface finishes reducing the tool making time.

Quality & Precision

CMM Inspection, Ceramic gauge block, deltronic, comparator, toolmaker microscope, .00005" indicators.

Custom Mold Components:

A&H Wire builds custom tooling components for the injection mold maker, the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), and others. The facility is a temperature controlled environment specifically designed to precision-machine custom mold components to form features of a desired part.

Industries served:



~Military (Defense)

~Metal Stamping