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Wire EDM Machines

Our machines are of the latest technology for speed and accuracy.  These machines can get down to a 5Ra micro inch finish and hold tolerances of .00003"

Work Piece up to 18" X 14" X 16"

Fine Finish

Ø.004" - Ø.012" Wire

EDM Machines with C-axis

Our EDMs are of the latest technology  to produce a fine finish and accurate details. They are capable of micro-machining small cavity details such as in the medical and electronic industry down to 2Ra micro inch finish.

Work Piece up to 15" X 12" X 14"

Palette Changer

High Accuracy Machinines

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Zeiss CMM Inspection 

Our Zeiss CMM Machine is located in the shop floor, and is used by all departments. Its ease of use, quick set-ups, multiple inspections capability, and scanning sensor is made for production use.

Work Piece up to 16" X 16" X 12"

Scanning Head for Suface measurments

High Speed Milling with Five Axis

Our  CNC Machines are recognized throughout  the industry for its accuracy, surface finish, and speed. Its laser tool setter results in better accuracy and is capable of running unattended for long periods of time. Our surface finishes on injection mold cavities and critical tooling can eliminate the need for polishing in many cases. 

Work Piece up to 15" X 12" X 6"

Palette Changer

40K Spindle

Hard Milling & Graphite Milling